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Betsi Bixby and her company Meridian Associates, Inc. currently assist over 3,500 of this country's privately held, family-led petroleum companies increase cash flow and profits through education, strategic planning facilitation, merger mediation, business valuation and brokerage services. Her message is one of executable steps and core competencies that every business owner or manager needs to know.

Betsi has been the most widely read cash flow expert in the petroleum industry, where pennies not dollars dictate success, for over two decades. Through her Money Matters column published by the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) and many state and regional petroleum, convenience store, and propane associations, years of publishing her newsletter The Meridian Financial Advantage, and now her PetroAnswers resource website, Betsi clarifies and simplifies complicated subjects into concrete step-by-step processes that dramatically impact company performance and profits.

A financial sharp shooter, Betsi is well known for the value she brings to businesses and the families that own them. By customer demand, Betsi began Meridian's highly acclaimed Valuation and Brokerage division in late 1999. Betsi and Meridian quickly earned a reputation for accurate market valuations and have continued to achieve great success facilitating highly confidential sales of family-owned companies.

Betsi Bixby is also well-known by major refiners, conducting training each year for the major gasoline brands. Betsi's background includes an MBA in Finance and serving as Vice President of Commercial Lending for a regional bank before founding Meridian. She captivates convention audiences throughout the U.S. with her hard-hitting, practical key note addresses and workshops.

In 2011, Betsi became a founding member of the John Maxwell Team, intensely studying John C, Maxwell and his leadership principles based on his premise that “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Betsi and her team coach family business CEOs and their executive teams to new levels of personal and professional success.

In May 2015, Betsi signed a book publishing deal with noted Chicken Soup author Jack Canfield for Soul of Success Vol 2, where the world's leading entrepreneurs and professionals reveal their core strategies for getting to the heart of health, wealth and success. Betsi is super excited to share her cash flow strategies with world thanks to Jack.

With Christ-centered personal ethics, Betsi strives to be a blessing to her customers, her employees and the family businesses she loves. Betsi resides in Weatherford, Texas where she enjoys a ranching lifestyle, complete with cattle and horses. Betsi's equestrian pursuits include a top three national ranking by The American Competitive Trail Horse Association. In 2011, Betsi co-founded Freedom Horses, a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization that links survivors of domestic violence with volunteer horse owners to build courage, compassion and confidence. Betsi is former Chairman of the Tucson YMCA, former President of Greater Tucson Leadership, and former President of Soroptimist International of Tucson. Betsi considers her greatest accomplishment to be her daughter Sheila, who achieved a Masters in Behavioral Health Counseling and now resides in California.




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